Recent travels have taken us to Austria, Italy, and all over our home state of California! Here's a roundup of far-flung wheels that will make your head spin!

A super-sized stern-wheeled steamboat in Sacremento.

A wild wheelman in Watts.

A kooky clock in Cucamonga.

Get me down from here!

Hollywood big wheel
Henry 'the Fonz' Winkler stops by our booth at the
L.A. Times Festival of Books to snap up an autographed copy.

Siena, Italy: When people refer to "a millstone around your neck," these are what they are talking about.

Mrs. Montgomery attempts a pre-Columbian carjacking.

If our publishers used a printing press like this one, they'd still be on the first copy!

We came upon this thing
in a field near
San Gimignano, Italy.
If you have any idea what it is,
please tell us

A trip of tiny European cars. (Monte was hit by the red one and had to go to a hospital in Florence to have it removed!)

Just in case a European microcar is still
too big for you...

An old olive press in Tuscany.

Claire catches a cab in Chianti.

A famous Ferris wheel in Vienna and a primitive plow near Poggibonsi.

Okay, this has nothing to do with wheels. We just like kittens.

Send us your wheel pictures — the weirder the better!
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