Our award-winning school presentation about Hubert Invents the Wheel ties in nicely with several curricula: science, history, Mesopotamia, and creative writing. Here's what people have been saying about it:

"Fun, entertaining and educational! The Montgomerys
have my enthusiastic recommendation."

— Brenda Weinstock,
Principal, Mar Vista Elementary School

"Don't stop at getting the book...get the authors!"

— Thomas Rawley,
Coordinator, Portola Middle School Highly Gifted Magnet Center

Here are some photos
from a recent school

How do you stop
this thing?

Show & tell, Mesopotamian-style

Claire takes a spin —

Can you spell "Ziggurat"?

A little louder, please!

Demonstrating the "ridiculocipede"

Want us to come to your school, library, bookstore,
barbershop, or outdoor amphitheatre (weather permitting)
to talk with you about wheels, Mesopotamia, books,
how we get our ideas, or anything else? Send us an

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