Kid Confidential
An Insider's Guide to Grown-Ups

Let’s face it: Being a kid isn’t easy.  Everywhere you look, adults are in control – they’re older, bigger, and stronger,
and they own nearly all of the cars, buildings, and money. 

So how can you get even?  By getting to know your enemy...with the help of Kid Confidential, the book that finally reveals the strangest and most mysterious facets of adult life, like: What do teachers really talk about in the teacher’s lounge? How can adults stand to drink anything as disgusting as coffee? And, Why does Grandpa smell funny?

Best of all, it’s packed with the diabolical strategies and
tactics that kids need if they ever want a chance at a fair
fight -- because grown-ups have had the upper hand just about long enough.

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Hubert Invents the Wheel

Hubert loves to think. Not only does that distinguish him from his father, Gorp, and everyone else in ancient Sumeria, but it leads to the greatest invention of all time: the wheel. It takes a while for his neighbors to see Hubert's creation as a major technological advancement rather than a newfangled
coffee-table top, but eventually they do, and life is great.

Well, life is great until the Sumerians' archenemies, the Assyrians, find out about the wheel and use it to plan their destruction. Now the question is not whether Hubert's invention is ahead of its time, but whether he should have stuck to designing living room furniture instead of
threatening civilization's demise.

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