CLAIRE & MONTE MONTGOMERY have been married since 1981, writing together since 1985, making music together since 1990, and trying to coax their cats out from under the bed since 2002.

The couple's saga began back in the mid-Twentieth Century, when Oldsmobiles roamed the earth. Claire was born in Southern California, to an engineer father and jazz-singing mother.

She was a happy child

who took an early interest in wheels,

won a trophy for Best Pigtails,

and became an excellent —
if alarmingly intense — student.

Meanwhile, in the frozen tundras of mid-Michigan
some two thousand miles away,

Monte was being raised by his
singer/dancer/musician mother
and his physicist/engineer father

He developed a knack for playing the
piano, and eventually became a
pro musician, now widely known as
"the best available in his price range."

By 1980, Claire had enjoyed a successful but brief (three-hour) modeling career;

worked for famed film
Dino de Laurentiis
(third from left);

and attended the Oscars (her date won!).

At about the same time, Monte marked his passage into adulthood by losing his hair (last seen in this picture), packing up his dreams in a Datsun F-10 station wagon (photo prohibited by good taste) and moving to L.A., where he soon found employment as an assistant to TV legend Steve Allen. Monte repaid Steve's kindness by stealing many of his best jokes and passing them off as his own. (Just kidding, Jayne.)

At this crucial juncture, fate tiptoed in in the form of a cat,
similar to the one seen here

which Monte had agreed to feed while its owner — who lived next-door to Claire — was on vacation. They met in her driveway, were struck by cupid's arrow, and got married a mere four months later.

Through the ensuing years, they've kept their partnership
grass-green and farm-fresh by dancing, cooking,

making music,

rubbing elbows with show folk such as
Bob Hope, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke

and exploring new hobbies

and hairstyles.

They have no children, but have been known to borrow the odd niece or nephew from other family members under a special catch-and-release program.

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